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Genre: Story-based platformer

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team Size: 4

Duration: 8 weeks

Platform: PC

VOO is a narrative game where a ball of garbage transforms into a weightless paper plane, symbolizing an Old Man's life with mistakes and regrets. The player guides the ball to reach the Young Man, conveying the message that he has the power to shape his own life.


The game's main mechanic involves sacrificing abilities to ascend to a new state, such as using garbage for movement abilities like swinging on a rope made of chewing gum or climbing walls with cork pins.


My responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Outlined the main story - Old Man's values and regrets - and their embodiment on the main character and in the levels

  • Adapted the mechanics to support the main idea of the story

  • Level Design: created blockouts and decided on the items for environmental storytelling

  • Directed and scripted the cinematics

  • Polished movement feel

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