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About me

Born in Moscow, Russia, I was surrounded by games and interested in gaming from an early age. Starting with strategies like “Heroes of Might and Magic 3”

and continuing to RPGs like “TES: Skyrim”, I was slowly, but surely exploring the world of video games, finishing every game I could get my hands on. 


In middle school, my interest in game development skyrocketed, when I discovered game design as a career choice - and I started to read game design books and watch game development-related videos in parallel with my school biology studies. Even though biology greatly excited me with its unbelievable diversity of life structures, games were inspiring me in a creative way, as I could not only study what’s already made by nature but create my own systems and interactive biomes for players to exist in.

After graduating from school, I acquired a Bachelor's degree in Game Design, while attending additional intensive courses for programming, sculpture, and narrative. During my student years in my first university, I’ve been examining different areas of game design, aiming to find one or two that interest me the most to specialize in them. For that, I’ve adapted a new approach to education by learning from experienced professionals at conferences and trying to expand my horizons by watching talks, as well as taking part in game jams.


Nowadays, my greatest areas of interest in game design are system, encounter, and AI design. In the future, I aspire to master those areas to the point where stories and adventures will engage players for hundreds of hours and will evoke long-lasting and memorable emotions.

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